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We make figures and sculptures from wire and solid metal

of any complexity, according to any sketch at the highest level.

Even a simple verbal description is enough to calculate the price

Your future sculpture or figure.


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Форма заказа
For a quick contact with us right now, you can:
- fill out a simple application form on the right;
- send a letter to the address ;
- send a message to our phone number in instant messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram;
In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
Contact us!
Calculation of the cost of your products - 15 minutes!
Production time from 2 days!


The application has been accepted.

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Габионы в виде фигуры кота

Wire sculptures -

new year street decoration.


Illuminated New Year's street figures - such as - the figures of a deer, Santa Claus and his sleigh - are classic symbols of the New Year's celebration. Glowing wire figures for gardens, squares and parks are and will be the most basic way to decorate any holiday. Figures of a deer, shimmering with multi-colored lights, as if magic in reality was created by the most important magician in Russia - Father Frost. Therefore, the glowing New Year's deer is the most popular and spectacular decoration at all times. And the New Year's light compositions, consisting of: LED deer, snowmen musicians, Santa Claus sleigh, light balls, light figures of various animals - this is truly an unforgettable sight!

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Wire garden figures are equally impressive art. Topiary (topiary, topiary), park figures, sculptures - no space can do without them, claiming to be even simply beautiful. Wire sculptures organically fit into any space - they add harmony and completeness to the composition.


Figures for playgrounds are another of our activities. They are attractive, educational and spectacular - this is exactly what children need so much.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

These are our main activities:

Styrofoam figures

Fiberglass figures

Illuminated new year street figures

Glowing new year deer

Light balls

figures of a deer, Santa Claus and his sleigh

Wire figures for garden

Styrofoam figures and sculpture

Glowing wire figures

Topiary (topiary, topiary), park figures, sculptures

Wire sculptures

Sculpture frames

Figures for playgrounds

Metal sculpture

Why do you think

are our products so beautiful?

1. Sketches of our figures, sculptures and topiary are drawn by hand

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

All our work begins with a freehand drawing - be it a voluminous garden or park figure, or a New Year's decoration of a city square.

From the very beginning we think over all the details of the future product. In the design of each figure for kindergartens and playgrounds, its safety and visibility are thought out.

Any volumetric sculpture, figure of a man, animal, object is designed with a margin of safety, high aesthetic qualities and a dynamic appearance.

At the same stage, the wire figure is marked for wrapping it with garlands of different colors.

As a rule, landscape designers bring us a ready-made drawing of a sculpture.

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2. Used for manufacturing steel wire

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Wire is an amazing material from which we create unique sculptures. Steel wire allows you to create a three-dimensional 3D skeleton of a figure with very high strength characteristics. For example, our New Year's deer calmly holds the weight of an adult man. At the same time, the figure of the New Year's decoration does not undergo any changes or deformations.

With the help of wire, you can depict a weightless lock of hair, and a muscle filled with remarkable strength, and a strong rope. Therefore, it is not surprising that in our time, New Year's sculptures and figures, topiary, garden and park figures are made precisely of steel wire.

Due to its flexibility and ease of use, the wire is great for making weightless jewelry as well as decorative items for household items or even large outdoor sculptures.

The wire is ideal for imitating muscles and tendons with which we associate the human, and indeed any other, body. And these wire works, like many others , do look amazingly realistic.


3. Sculptures and figures are handmade

Recently, handmade goods are in high demand among buyers. What is the reason for their popularity?

The thing is that people are tired of consumer goods that production feeds them. Handmade things look much more interesting and attractive. The popularity of this direction will grow, because each of us wants to use original products, with the help of which it is easier to reveal our individuality. Having things at your disposal is not like everyone else's - it's fashionable!

There are many craftsmen who can make a gift from wire to family and friends with their own hands. And if you do not have such an opportunity, then you are in the right place at the right time!

After all, it is in our creative workshop "SOKOL" that you can order an animal or an object seen in any picture - and in general - everything that comes to mind and buy directly on our website or by sending an application or simply dialing our number - 8 9999 03 08 09.


4. Each figure is unique - no repetition

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

5. Garland wrapping gives a fabulous look to our products

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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